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From network design to security, we provide expert services to streamline operations and boost your business’s tech efficiency.


Network Design and Implementation

Elevate efficiency with Surefire’s expert network solutions—routers, firewalls, and servers. Get tailored designs and seamless implementation for optimal performance.

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Network Administration

Ensure data security with Surefire’s network admin expertise—user setups, active directory, and access permissions. Keep your business running smoothly.

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Remote Access

Work anywhere seamlessly with Surefire’s remote access solutions like VPNs, webcam setups, and branch office connectivity. Embrace flexibility without compromising productivity.

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Internet Systems

Navigate the digital landscape confidently. Surefire manages telecom, domain names, email, intranet, and hosting. Your online presence is our priority.

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Hardware and Software

Stay up-to-date effortlessly. Surefire handles hardware/software acquisition, installation, and maintenance. Keep your tech running smoothly without the hassle.

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Optimize resources with Surefire’s virtualization solutions. Harness Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware technologies for enhanced efficiency and cost-effective operations.

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Application Software Support

Master your software arsenal with Surefire’s support. From Microsoft Office to accounting systems—installation, updates, and training. Boost productivity with ease.

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Helpdesk Outsourcing

Experience reliable support. Surefire provides on-call, remote, and on-site help desk outsourcing. Focus on your business and leave IT hassles to us.


Managed IT Services

Ensure peak performance with Surefire’s managed IT services—desktop and network support, maintenance, and upgrades. Your success is our responsibility.


IT Planning and Management

Strategize for success with Surefire’s IT planning—CIO services, budgeting, staff selection, training, and supervision. Drive your business forward with a solid IT foundation.


Office Moves

Seamless transitions guaranteed. Surefire plans and implements office technology relocations. Minimize downtime and ensure continuity during your office move.

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Safeguard your data with Surefire’s security expertise. Assessments, compliance, firewall, anti-virus—comprehensive solutions for robust data security.


Business Continuity

Prepare for the unexpected with Surefire’s business continuity solutions. Protect your business operations with on/off-site backups, disaster recovery, and fail-over systems.


Computer Backup and Disaster Recovery

Ensure data safety with Surefire’s comprehensive backup and recovery solutions. Protect your business from disasters. Take the first step now for peace of mind.

Professional IT Services & Technology Consulting

At Surefire Consulting, we empower small businesses with tailored IT solutions. From network optimization to security, we’re committed to making technology work seamlessly for you. Elevate your business today!

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Navigating Tech Terrain and Empowering Your Businesses

At Surefire Consulting, our approach is rooted in customer-centricity and 30 years of tech expertise. We seamlessly integrate cutting-edge solutions tailored to your small business needs, empowering you to focus on what you do best. With us, technology becomes an asset, not a hindrance. Elevate your business with confidence.

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Bridging Business Dreams with Technological Reality

Our services ensure seamless network operations, enhance security, provide IT support, streamline hardware/software management, and offer strategic planning.

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Network Solutions


Internet Systems Management


Hardware and Software Services


Virtualization and Application Support


IT Support and Management

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Security and Continuity Solutions

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